February 26, 2008

Bobby Lawrence gets Jade and Luke

While we were in St Lucia Luke started Karate at Bobby Lawrence. So when we got home, Kat told us about it. Jade went for her first time on Monday. She absolutely loved it. She came home and started showing Ivy how to do the Roundhouse kick and the Super Ninja. It was adorable. And could she look any cuter in her outfit?

I'm really excited that she is getting to do this with Luke. Sure they have preschool together but that is going to end pretty soon. I think that this class will be really fun for them. Luke loves it and he's so cute doing his kicks and standing in attention. We're going to need some pictures of the two of them together.
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Our Little Princess

On the 24th of February, Jade got to go to two birthday parties. The first one was a Pretty Princess Party. The Wasdens have some friends that put together these parties. They come and do make-up and hair on the girls. She was so precious when she came home.

In the afternoon she Had Eden Swogger's birthday party. They went to see Enchanted. She loved it and said that we just have to get it.
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Amy finally turns 29- I mean 36

What a day my birthday was. The night before I flew out to New Jersey for a training with the Lenovo Sales Reps and Jessica. I was kind of cranky about going but, in the end I was glad I went. Even though I was promised birthday cake there, and didn't get it, my family made up for it- BIG TIME!

Jade and Ivy (with Kim's help) made great plaques with their names on them for me. (We are so lucky to have Kim with us, because she is so thoughtful and often goes way above expectations). The girls were so proud of their work. Ivy wanted to carry hers with her wherever she went. It was adorable.

Mom and Dad brought us my favorite dessert in the whole world- not the Daims. They brought us the Raspberry Almond Torte from the Market Street. Boy did it taste good. Even at 10:00 at night after I got home from New Jersey.

THE BEST PRESENT EVER!!!! Scott surprised me with an acoustic guitar and lessons. I'm so excited about it. The girls were really excited too. I've downloaded a chart with a bunch of guitar chords. Now I just need to practice. Before the guitar my ROOMBA was the best present ever, but the guitar takes the cake. I've always wanted to learn the guitar, and I've had friends in the past teach me a few chords and a couple of songs. But until now, I've never had one. Hopefully I will learn some songs the girls can sing and dance to.

Thanks Handsome for a wonderful 36th birthday!
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Jade's FIVE- Holy Cow!

Here is our Birthday Princess!

The birthday party started at our house. The kids were so adorable and they played really well together.
Then we had cake and ice cream. Fun little kids.

After cake, ice cream and presents we headed down to Jump On It. It's a great place that has the blow up stuff, but it mainly has a bunch of trampolines all lined up. The kids had a blast and they were really gracious and fun. I was really impressed with all of them.

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Jade's Birthday Cake

Jade and Kim made Jade's birthday cake. She felt like such a big girl making it. The two of them really have fun together. They giggle and wrestle all the time. And now we can add baking to there list.

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Who lost her first tooth?

On February 3rd Jade lost her first tooth. But if you ask her, she didn't lose it, she knows exactly where it is. The day she lost it, it was in a little bag. The next day it was with the Tooth Fairy. She was so excited. The morning it fell out she was turning it around backwards. It was awful looking but it popped out really nicely.

The Tooth Fairy left 1$ for her first tooth. She was so excited she took the dollar to school for her show and tell.

Things like Jade losing her first tooth, the giggles sledding, reading books from her bookcase and cartwheeling all over the family room are the things that make being a parent so awesome.

Sledding with the Drapers

We've had some great snow days this season. Which has meant some great sledding days. On February 2nd we met the Drapers out at a school by there house. Ivy went down the hill once and that was enough for her. The rest of the time she was content to eat snow and watch.

Jade, on the other hand, had so much fun, the smile never left her face. She always has a great time with the Drapers. And she always has a great time outside doing anything.

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Saying Goodbye to St Lucia

Saturday we spent the morning enjoying the sun. Here are a few pictures of the resort.

The worst part of leaving was the 3 1/2 extra hours we got to spend at the airport while we waited for our flight

The best part of the trip was coming home seeing the sign that Jade and Ivy made for us. It was so exciting to see them and hear their love for mom and dad. The girls had such a wonderful time with Grandpa and Grandma but the girls were still glad to see us.Posted by Picasa

The Underwater Video

Here is a fun video of us underwater. You get to hear bubbles and Scott breathing. It's really fun. Hope it works :)

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Superman's Flight

On Friday we did a second dive that was called Superman's Flight. It was a shallow dive and very gorgeous. I need to get some of the pictures from some of our friends that were on the dive as well. We saw a lot of beautiful sealife and corals. The most impressive thing that we saw was a frog fish. They told us that divers can dive for 20 years and look for a frog fish an never be as lucky as we were. So, I'll add that picture once I get it.

First picture is a Morray eel- yes another one and the others are just pretty things that we saw under the water.

February 19, 2008

Diving under the Pitons

Friday morning Scott and I went on a fantastic dive 70 feet below the Pitons. We woke to a rain storm and heavy winds. Honestly, I wasn't sure we were going to get to go but we geared up and went down to the dive shop. We bundled up with towels and sat under the cover of the boat while the rain continued. It was a really long boat ride- almost an hour. It was definitely worth the cold ride.

The first picture is of a Morray eel. It is difficult to see it but it is the black and white creature under the rock on the right.

The second picture is of another type of eel, but I can't remember what it is called. Someone said it was a sea serpent but according to the Caribbean sea life book, it is an eel.

The third picture shows the difference of using a flash. The colors were really amazing.

The last picture is just a seascape of Pitons.

This dive was a deep dive so we had to wait for awhile before we could dive again. Scott really did a nice job with the pictures. We're not sure though if him taking pictures made him use his air faster. This first dive, Scott and I had to come up early because Scott got very low on his air. I couldn't stay down either. My wetsuit affected my buoyancy a lot. Once I got to about 1200 psi left in my tent, I had to fight to stay down. It was absolutely amazing down there.

February 18, 2008

Swan Lake on the top of Fort Rodney

Having never been part of a ballet, it was very fun getting to learn a little bit of a ballet number and get the guys laughing at us.

The best part of the hike (and the dance) was getting to spend time with Tiffany Clinger and Sandy Tarwater. I've known both of their husbands for several years now, but had never had the chance to meet Sandy and have only spent a little time Tiffany.

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