Who are we?

Scott- He's the dad and the one that makes everything we do possible.  Scott works hard so that we can play harder.  He helps around the house and does most of the yard and ALL of the garage and car duties.  If there is something fun to do, he's the first to drop our "to do" list to make sure that we are making memories and building our life experience bank account.  Scott's my best friend and my perfect companion.  I can lean on him always and know that he really does get me.

Amy- That's me.  I'm the mom.  I work full-time and miss my girls the whole day that I'm gone.  But, I know that the time that we do get to spend together is cherished and valuable.  Besides spending time with my family, my next favorite thing is documenting their lives- whether through the blog or through pictures.  I love knowing that I can pull up pictures of my family anywhere that I am- as long as I have internet access.

Jade- She's the blonde of the family and absolutely 100% her daddy's girl.  I stayed home with her the first 2 years of her life but daddy is her best friend.  She loves their daddy-daughter dates and loves getting to wrestle with him when he gets home from work.  Jade loves gymnastics and dance.  She also loves school and comes home every day a mess from playing "mouse" at recess.

Ivy- The baby of the family.  She's 4- so not much of a baby anymore.  Ivy finds joy in EVERYTHING she does. If there is tension- she's working to clear the air.  She loves dance and is begging to start gymnastics too.  Reading comes naturally to her and she loves sounding out words where ever we go.

That's us.