May 31, 2010

Cinderella outgrew her Glass Slippers

I have been so happy with Jade's school teacher.  She has taken on some wonderful projects.  The greatest of which is was their first grade play.  It was just her class and it was only 10 minutes.  But it was so well done and so adorable.  She took on costumes, sets and had everyone memorize their lines.  Even the narrators.

The play was called "Cinderella Outgrew her Glass Slippers".  It was taken from a short plays book but I can't remember what it was called.  Anyway, the basic story behind this was that Cinderella wanted to go to Vet school, so she was making leather shoes to sell and save money for college.  The prince fell in love with her shoes and bought a lot of them and off she went to college.  Her 3 fairy godmothers ended up helping her step sisters find their princes.

Jade was one of the fairy godmothers.  She did a wonderful job and I wonder if she'll catch the acting bug or not.  She's got more than enough on her plate for now - but maybe one day.

May 29, 2010

Changing a Light Bulb

During our Mother's Day party, uncle asked Scott if he could help him out and change the light bulb of the pool.  It was a much harder than a few screws.  As you can tell by the expressions of all of the men. It was very funny to watch their expressions.  45 minutes later, the light bulb was changed.

May 28, 2010

My Mother's Day

I have never been a huge fan of Mother's Day.  So I was very happy that this year, Mother's Day was not busy and full of gifts.  Scott sent my flowers while he was down at Lake Powell.  The girls made me several cards, (one of which was in Spanish) and they also updated my little girl scrapbook that they have worked on with Kim for 3 Mother's Days in a row.

We went down to my aunt and uncle's house for Unc's famous steak.  It was delicious as always and Dan rewarded the mom's with a rich chocolate cake.

It was a very fun and relaxing evening.  Mellow.  Just like I like Mother's Day.

May 27, 2010

Our Girls Weekend...

While Scott was at Lake Powell (Thursday through Saturday), we were looking forward to some fun girl time.
We’d been planning what to do all week.  I offered  taking them to a movie, baking cookies, going to the Tulip festival or playing in the yard.
Both girls voted for cookie making and I was happy to oblige.  I love cooking but I’m not a great baker.
The day after we decided what to do, both girls were being extremely selfish.  (They do that more often than I would like to admit).
I sat them down and talked to them about thinking about other people before thinking about themselves.  I want them to remember to take care of other’s needs first.
After we finished the discussion, (or lecture) the girls suggested that we make lots of cookies and take them around to all of the neighbors.
So our plan evolved from making some cookies to making a LOT of cookies.  Between our family members and our neighbors we decided we needed to make 5 different kind of cookies.

We made Marble Cookies, Rolo Cookies, Milk Chocolate Chip, Peanut Blossom and No Bake Cookies.  (Recipes and links will have to follow on another post because my google reader isn’t working and my recipes are at home on my desktop and I’m in Raleigh with my laptop).
The girls both worked really hard on all of the different flavors and were so excited to deliver them.
Jade and Ivy put tissue paper in the bags and then Jade put the cookies into each bag and I tied them up.  We used a picture of tulips that I took last year and printed them up at Costco.

The girls ran them around to all of the neighbors that were home and we took the rest on Mother’s Day.

It was a blast doing it and I’m ready to make more cookies and do it all over again.

May 26, 2010

First Gymnastics Meet with Scores Flashed

Jade is having so much fun with gymnastics.  She said that she likes the gymnastic meets better than the dance competitions because she gets ribbons and individual scores.  It's going to be interesting to watch how much she and the other girls care about the scores that they are going to get.

I love the training that Jade is getting at the gym, but I wish that the communication with the parents was more clear and more frequent.  Getting a letter in the mail with her class highlighted is really just not enough.  But, for now, we'll continue and be happy that at this point, Jade doesn't have to travel.

May 24, 2010

Scott goes to Lake Powell

I have never worried about Scott when he has gone down to the Sand Dunes to ride four wheelers.  I never worry about him doing anything crazy.  I do worry about what other people might do stupidly at the Sand Dunes.  But even then, I'm not as worried as I was the week before Mother's Day.  Scott went down to Lake Powell with a couple of friends.  They rode down on motorcycles.

I had nightmares,  I made sure I knew about the life insurance policies.  I was truly scared.  Again, not because I was worried about him but instead I was worried about other people not seeing him.  I was nervous the whole time, until he pulled around the corner of our street.

He's not wanting to run out and buy a motorcycle so that makes me happy.

He took some really pretty pictures of Lake Powell and he's ready for us to take a family trip down there as soon as we can fit it in.

The last picture is when Mark's motorcycle broke down.  He ended up having to have his bike towed all the way home.  So the trip was not uneventful.(My fears weren't totally unfounded).

May 22, 2010

The "park" by grandma's and grandpa's

One day we went to Grandpa and Grandma's house.  But now they have a neighbor that put in a swing set.  My parents were thinking about getting one so we went over to give it a try.  The kids loved it.  Now when we go to my parents' house, the kids immediately start asking if they get to go to the "park."  I'm glad they had fun, but I was freezing cold.  This May has been ridiculous.  I am longing for June - June will be better.

May 20, 2010

Playing in the Backyard

Luke and Harry came over for a quick photo shoot that Kat was doing for Baby Laundry. So while she was snapping away, I captured a couple too.

Kat did a beautiful job on the babies that she photographed for their site and catalog. I haven't seen the ones of the kids yet.

May 19, 2010

Holy Cow - how unlike me..

I've been so tired this past week I haven't posted.  I'll have to fix that tonight.  See you soon.

May 13, 2010

Spanish Fork Dance Competition

7 AM call time makes for a really long day. But, we didn't stay for awards or it could have been even longer.

The first collage is of Jade's two hip hop numbers. This time I didn't focus specifically on taking pictures of her but rather of the whole group. I was pretty happy with the pictures that I got, despite my hand tremor.

The second collage is from Jade's ballroom number.

This collage is of Ivy's two numbers. This time yellow polka dot bikini won overall. The girls messed up on Teddy Bear. One of the little girls didn't go on stage and it sort of threw the rest of the girls. See, the little girl that didn't go out is one of the older and stronger dancers. So I think the other girls look to her for prompts.

Then the last of the collages is of Jade's Jazz numbers. She did great but needs to remember to look up.

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May 10, 2010

Do not try this at home, unless you are Jade...

Scott is going to start doing P90X so he had to get a chin up bar. Jade proved to be the best one at it. She whipped out 10 pull ups without a fuss. Oh and this was after she had been at dance for 3 hours. Maybe they aren't pushing her hard enough. ;) - kidding.

She also did a bunch of push ups and sit ups just to show that she could.

I managed to do 1 pull up and called it quits.

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May 8, 2010

First trip to Tibble Fork

We thought it was a beautiful day, so we wore shorts. It was shorts weather in the valley. It was NOT shorts weather in the mountains.

We headed up for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

I love this picture of Scott holding puppy's leash, because he really is so sweet with him.

The family stroll was not much more than a quick walk up and down the road by the lake, because there was snow on the trail. Since there is a warning to stay off the trail when wet, we heeded the advice and just kicked it on the road.

Zero loved his outing, even though he had to have a bath as soon as we got home. The snow was deeper than his little legs so he had to work to romp behind Jade.

Ivy enjoyed throwing snowballs at me while Jade skipped rocks in the lake.

Sometimes, I really think missing church to spend some family time is okay. Just as long as we don't do it very often. ;)
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May 6, 2010

Puppy Update...

We love little Zero and we are so glad to have him in our family.  I will say, however, that he is a LOT of work.  I'm doing an obedience program with him and he's learning the stuff we discuss in class but he's not learning to quit biting very well.  Luckily he is kennel trained and leash trained or I would be going insane.  The challenge for me is that he wakes up at 6 and is done for the night.  I am not a morning person in any way.  But I'm learning to adjust.  It will be really good when I can trust him not to destroy stuffed animals or leave a present in the dining room.  Or when he can jump up on the girls beds and go back to sleep after he goes out.  Ah, sigh, I look forward to that day.

He is doing much better on getting house broken and he isn't nipping quite as much.  He still requires a lot of attention and the girls have a hard time focusing on anything they are asked to do.

We love our little Zero and are glad he's part of our family.

May 4, 2010

Hansel and Gretal

Classic Ballet Academy in Provo put on a wonderful production of Hansel and Gretel at the Covey Center.  Our good friends have a daughter that was in the production.  She did a wonderful job and you never would have known that she had a really bad ankle sprain just 3 weeks before.
Jennie Creer-King is the artistic director of CBA and she also performed in the production.
The sets were amazing, as were the costumes.  The dancing was wonderful and both of my girls LOVED it.

After intermission, they did a contemporary version of Hansel and Gretel that was really well done.  I am not typically a fan of Modern Dance but I was loving their rendition.  

If you ever get an opportunity to see one of their productions, you should do it.  It was well worth your time.

After the show we went out for ice cream at Sub Zero.  It was yummy but I don't think I'm dying to go back. In order for me to enjoy spending money at a place a second time, I need to be bowled over and so does Scott.  Although, if you have milk allergies or an aversion to sugar, Sub Zero is ideal because you get to pick what they make your ice cream with.

Jade and Ivy also jumped on the trampoline with a harness.  Jade was getting so high I was feeling a bit nervous.  Ivy managed to do a couple flips and was feeling very proud of herself.

We had a wonderful time and alway love going out with Jason and Heather.

May 2, 2010

Dance Company Pictures

The girls got to have their pictures taken for their dance groups early on a Saturday morning.  I managed to snap away and capture the event.  Obviously wasn't trying to get a group shot but thought it would be fun to document their experience.