June 28, 2008

Our less adventurous one...

Ivy was so excited to go swimming at Aunt Carole's. She jumped up from her nap and grabbed her swimsuit because it was time to go "wimming." The second we got there, she was in the water.

She constantly informed us that she was swimming and that it was fun.

But when Scott wanted to throw her into the air, she wasn't nearly so thrilled about swimming. She'd smile every time he'd do it, but then she'd beg for no more.

She didn't spend too much time in the pool She walked around the pool, sat in a cute chair and cheered for Jade while she played basketball.

Ivy is coming out of her shell, some, but she's still a bit more cautious than her sister.

Thanks again for letting us use your pool, Aunt and Unc!
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Swimmer/ Jumper/ Player

I love our underwater camera casing. My work gave it to us when we went to St Lucia earlier this year. This is the first time we've used it in the pool. So fun to see our little swimmer underwater.

Jade seriously has no fear and always has great form. After the spread eagle, she had her legs together to enter the water. One day we will find something physical that she isn't good at. :) Then again, maybe not.

Even shooting a basket from behind and to the side, she did well.
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Warming up...

Before Jade's belt promotion, she spent some time warming up, or goofing off. She looked so pretty today and was so excited to have the morning be all about her.

Jade always has so much energy. I think she could beat the energizer bunny.

She had "walked" across the floor on her knees with her feet up at her fanny. This is after she had crashed.

We were waiting for her to do a walk over, but cute girl doesn't "show off" as much as mom and dad would like her to.
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Little Ninja Belt Promotion...

Today was a special day for our "little ninja." Once the kids have received enough "tips" on their belt, they get to advance to the next "little ninja" belt. In order to advance they have to pass off several skills. Today they showed us the T-stance, kicks and the 1-2 punch. Jade was the only little girl there. At first she was a bit distracted because she was waiting for Lukie to get there. I had to go whisper in her ear that Lukie wasn't coming and that she just needed to focus. After that, she did a great job. She had some good hits and some fantastic kicks. I wish I could have gotten better pictures of the kicks and the punches, but oh well.

First punches

Passing them off with the leaders

A great double kick. She did multiple double kicks and chicken kicks.

Here is our proud "little ninja" with her new belt.

Afterward we took some group pictures but I wasn't real impressed as some of the boys wouldn't face forward etc.
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June 26, 2008

Our kids, and Uncle Mike, must be crazy!

The kids absolutely enjoyed their evening on the lake. I can't believe they stayed in the water once they got in and said it was freezing.

Uncle Mike was a good sport and played in the water with the kids the whole time. He was sort of Ivy's little buddy.

She loves swimming, or in ivy-nese it is "wimming."

Let's get the kids really wet and cold, put 'em in the front of the boat and then go really fast. That shouldn't get them sick.

Thanks again Mark!
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Swimming in the lake...

What a great helper

Jade seemed to drift a ways

Gorgeous jumper

Great form from Nathan
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Thank You, Mark for letting us borrow your boat

On Saturday night, we borrowed Mark's boat and went out on Utah lake.

Jade was in heaven. She had so much fun and the grin never went off her face.

Ivy, likewise, loved it and smiled constantly. The first thing out of her mouth Sunday morning was, "Go on Mark's boat again?"

Cute kids loving it.

I love seeing Jade have that big of smile. Scott will probably win, and we will eventually have a boat. It's so difficult because we have so little time and a boat is so much work and money. Plus the girls are still pretty young to get the most out of a boat.
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The Drowsy Chaperone---

We had a wonderful night at the Drowsy Chaperone. Thank you Bob and Janet for putting it together, we really should do things like this more often. I'm sad Scott couldn't come but I'm glad Melissa was available and willing to come with me.

Since we don't get our pictures taken together very often, we took advantage of the opportunity. I may have to scan some of our old ones and do a post of Amy and Melissa through the years. OH HOW WE'VE CHANGED! I guess being friends for 18 years will do that. Can you believe it's been 18 years!!! Okay we're 6 months shy of 18 years, but still.

Unfortunately I have a double chin in this picture and Melissa looks great.

So, I fixed my double chin in this one. Look we almost look 20 again. (Be nice, we aren't getting any younger.)

And now for the up close that isn't shooting up at us. I have to say, end of quarter is wearing on me. Look how tired my eyes are.

A quick review of the show... It was very very funny. I would recommend it. If you are easily offended by sexual innuendos, you won't find it funny. Although, the older lady next to Melissa did laugh at ONE of the jokes. I really enjoyed the "man in the chair" and found him to be very pleasing and fun to watch. We saw him afterwards and he was a real cute young kid- not at all what I expected after watching him in the show. We thought the whole cast was pretty old (you know, old like me and Melissa), but when they came out after the show was over, they were almost all very young. The seats were great and there wasn't a piece of the stage that we couldn't see. If you have a chance to go to see this show, do it. It's very entertaining. (Oh and did I mention that it was really short? and that there was no intermission?- Intermissions ruin the moment ;) so this play didn't have one.)
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June 25, 2008

Karate- Crazy Hair Day

Could these kids be any cuter doing their kicks?

Purple girl with lots of ponytails- 5 to be exact, because she is 5.

Could he be in the new "twighlight" movie?
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Drowsy Chaperone Review

This time while Scott's away, I really am getting to "play." We had made plans to go see the "Drowsy Chaperone" months ago, with Scott's parents and my parents. Unfortunately, Scott's not going to get to make it. Here is what artix says about it. I'll let you know later what we have to say about it.

Get ready to be transported to a magical, wonderful world!A world where the critics are in awe, the audiences are in heaven and the neighborhood is buzzing with excitement. Welcome to THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, the new musical comedy that is swooping into town with tons of laughs and the most 2006 Tony Awards of any musical on Broadway! It all begins when a die-hard musical fan plays his favorite cast album, a 1928 smash hit called "The Drowsy Chaperone," and the show magically bursts to life. We are instantly immersed in the glamorous, hilarious tale of a celebrity bride and her uproarious wedding day, complete with thrills and surprises that take both the cast (literally) and the audience (metaphorically) soaring into the rafters.

June 22, 2008


I am really glad that I married a playful guy. While we were at the reunion, he decided jumping off a small wall sounded like fun.
Pretty impressive height that boy is getting!

I love this one. Perfect form and some serious height.

There is nothing she does without great form. If I would have jumped to Scott, I would have been arms and legs everywhere!

I'm not so sure about this one. Should I be proud or embarrassed?

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Cute cousins playing in the park

I love this picture. They were playing hide-and-go-seek. As you can tell from the size of the tree, there weren't a lot of good hiding places. Maybe if the girls cuddle real tightly, they won't get found.

Emily is such a good sport to play so much and so well with Jade. Jade adores her.

Here are some pretty darn cute pictures of Ivy and Matthew.

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