February 26, 2008

Amy finally turns 29- I mean 36

What a day my birthday was. The night before I flew out to New Jersey for a training with the Lenovo Sales Reps and Jessica. I was kind of cranky about going but, in the end I was glad I went. Even though I was promised birthday cake there, and didn't get it, my family made up for it- BIG TIME!

Jade and Ivy (with Kim's help) made great plaques with their names on them for me. (We are so lucky to have Kim with us, because she is so thoughtful and often goes way above expectations). The girls were so proud of their work. Ivy wanted to carry hers with her wherever she went. It was adorable.

Mom and Dad brought us my favorite dessert in the whole world- not the Daims. They brought us the Raspberry Almond Torte from the Market Street. Boy did it taste good. Even at 10:00 at night after I got home from New Jersey.

THE BEST PRESENT EVER!!!! Scott surprised me with an acoustic guitar and lessons. I'm so excited about it. The girls were really excited too. I've downloaded a chart with a bunch of guitar chords. Now I just need to practice. Before the guitar my ROOMBA was the best present ever, but the guitar takes the cake. I've always wanted to learn the guitar, and I've had friends in the past teach me a few chords and a couple of songs. But until now, I've never had one. Hopefully I will learn some songs the girls can sing and dance to.

Thanks Handsome for a wonderful 36th birthday!
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