November 29, 2008

Here's a tag I wanted to do...

Tagging is a fun way to get to know people better, but it is also a big weight on my shoulders when someone does tag me. Here is a tag that I actually wanted to do. And to be honest, I wasn't even tagged- is that pathetic? :) Here are some friends that were tagged... Melissa, Chandra and some others that I can't remember.

The point behind this tag is to take your fourth photo folder and the fourth picture in that folder. Here is mine. It was taken December of 2000. I had purchased my first digital camera (a Nikon) in November. Scott and I were dating at the time. Since I didn't have children of my own, I took a lot of pictures of my nephews. It's amazing how much they have grown. You may remember a post I did, back in October. Those two young men barely resemble these adorable little boys.

Since I wasn't tagged, I can't really tag anyone- but if you want to do it, I'd love to see it!
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It's time for my Twilight post...

I don't know why I keep waiting to post about the movie. But, I think it's time I post it.

A large group of women from our neighborhood and ward, gathered at Thanksgiving Point for a 12:01 showing of the much awaited movie. Many of the women were all decked out and glittering. The women that put it together were all dressed up in gorgeous long black velvet capes. They also did trivia questions and raffle drawings. I was very impressed with all they did. The theater also went all out for the opening. They had hired actors/models to come and greet the movie goers. I didn't get there in time, nor did I take my camera (shocking- I know!) So, I'll just jump into my review...

I went to the show, expecting it to be a two star show. With that expectation, I was definitely pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it as well as I did.

The first scene left me skeptical about how I would like the actress they selected for Bella. By the time she got to Forks, I was liking her. Charlie was not what I expected, but I liked him. Bella's friends were a little too "cool" and "hip" for such a small town.
Now let's talk about the Cullens. UGH- I really struggled with most of them. Emmitt was cast very well, but they made him a little too goofy. Rosalie was far from what I expected. I wanted a tall, super skinny, dark haired elegant beauty- instead we had a bleached blond who wore silly too tight of jeans. I decided to check out the actress- Nikki Reed. In real life, she is strikingly beautiful and fits more what I expected of Rosalie. Alice was fine- but they didn't develop the relationship between her and Bella at all. Jasper- UGH UGH UGH. He was awful. By no means the fighter that I envisioned. Plus, the actor looked like he was constipated the whole movie. I know that he is a troubled soul- but poorly done. In my mind, he should have been a large, intimidating hottie. Someone that his power would actually help on the hunt. Carlisle was fine but his make-up was AWFUL!!! Esme was perfectly cast. (I really miss her TV show- the Ex List).
Now on to Edward. His hair was goofy, he was too hairy for Edward and his animal like stance was silly. The other night he was on Jay Leno, and I have to say that any charm he had was lost in that interview. In the interview he was a freak- really. In the movie Edward and Bella had good chemistry- but not as good as Troy and Gabrielle from HSM. (Sorry, had to throw that in;))
James and Victoria were wonderful!
The last character, I'll give my opinion on is Jacob. Have any of you seen "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl"? It is one of Jade's favorite movies. We've watched it over and over again. Jacob was Shark Boy. The problem was that he seemed too old. But, we'll see how he does in the next movie.

I enjoyed the movie. There was one particular scene that I absolutely gagged at. It almost ruined the whole movie for me. I will just let you see the movie and see if you can figure out which scene it was.

Will I see it again? Absolutely. Do I think Scott should see it? Yes. Am I looking forward to the next movie? For sure.

Who is that at a sewing machine?

When Ivy was born, a friend of mine in Michigan, Ami, gave me an adorable rag quilt. I used to bundle Ivy up in it for church. It's amazing how many compliments I got on that quilt. I absolutely love it and use it to keep myself warm. It is the perfect baby size, but not a great big kid or grown-up size. Kat is having a baby in December and I decided I should give quilting a try. Not real quilting, but rag quilting. My mom and I set out to find some fun flannels that would work with Kat's color choices. The nursery is blue, yellow, red and green. (She made a beautiful crib quilt). We found a lot of really fun flannels and figured out the pattern. I decided to make it 8 squares across and 8 squares down. (The one Ami gave me was 6 x 6- perfect baby size).

I have not sat down at a sewing machine since sewing class in 8th grade (okay, I lied, I helped sew the kids Halloween Monsters). All I remember sewing then, was a pair of pink flowered shorts. They were cute, but by no means well made. I'm not a natural, so it isn't something that I've dedicated much time to. After making Kat's quilt, I just may rethink that. I actually really enjoyed doing it. It was somewhat therapeutic. The old sewing machine (it's my grandma's and she's been gone for 8 years) was a little noisy. I'm going to have to research a bunch of sewing machines to see if I can find one that is a little quieter so that I can sew while Scott and I watch TV.

Here is the final product. It's a great size, and Kat was able to cuddle up in it. A perfect size to grow into!

Jade is asking for one in pink, purple, blue and green. We'll have to see what I can find. Mom started to look for some flannels for me, but they are all pastels. I'm not sure if that is the direction for Jade's- but maybe for Ivy.
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November 28, 2008

Kat and Jon plus kids...

Thanks Kat for letting me take some pictures of your cute little family. It's fun to play around and see what we get.

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The kids on Thanksgiving...

Here are a few pictures of the kids. Harrison is often very content to play by himself. Him being by himself is the best way for me to get pictures of him.

The kids had a race. Luke didn't always want to wait til the adult said to go. So, grandpa headed over to be the starting gun. Even then, he still wanted to take off first. The kids had a fun time racing. Ivy even got in on the game.

Thanks again Grandpa and Grandma for hosting Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving at my parents...

Thanksgiving is always a wonderful holiday. We get to cook and bake- two of my favorite things to do. We get to spend time with family. We don't have to go to work or school. We get to sleep in. And, this year, the kids stayed at my parent's and we got to go home all by ourselves. (A little insight into what that means for our family- Scott and I watched several of our shows on DVR, slept straight through the night and woke up when we wanted to without one girl on each of my arms. It also meant going to the grocery store and Costco as grown-ups).
I had three food assignments yesterday- pumpkin pie, rolls and seafood cocktail. First thing in the morning, I got up and started the rolls, while they were rising, I made the pies. They were so beautiful, before I put them in the oven. As I was transferring them from the counter top to the oven, I got distracted and splashed pie filling all over the place.
My mom always does an amazing job decorating the table. Below is the table and the buffet.

While we were taking pictures of the little families, we took some of Mom and Dad with the Utah grand kids. It was really too dark, to take without the flash, but I tried it anyway. Harrison wasn't having the best time.

Thanks family for all that you do. I love you and am the most grateful for my family.

Another attempt at some family pictures...

This time, Kat took them. While we were at my parent's for Thanksgiving, we took a few minutes and captured some pictures of our little family and some of just the girls. Thanks Kat.

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November 26, 2008

My Little Family- 6 months later

Some Sundays, once about every 6 months, my little family runs away for a few hours. Every six months we do exactly the same thing. We go up to Daniel's Summit and Strawberry Reservoir and take lots of pictures. Unfortunately we are about a month behind, so it was a little too cold to take as many pictures as we would have liked. Ivy was very cold and sad, so we were quick. Here are a few that turned out.

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November 25, 2008

Luci's 1st Birthday Party

On Sunday we went to our niece's first birthday party. She wasn't so sure about the cake, but she really enjoyed the presents. The pictures are reminiscent of our nephew's birthday.

During the party, Theresa had the kids do a donut bite. They were so cute and the adorable little girl in the center won. Oh, silly me, that would be my daughter.
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November 24, 2008

My Little Fashion Designer

Jade and Ivy have gotten into cutting everything up into pieces. Ivy just cuts them into little tiny pieces. Jade, on the other hand, likes to create clothing. Above, you can see her bracelet, purse and hat. The next morning she made shoes with paper and glue. She made an outfit for Ivy as well, but Ivy cut it up into pieces- cause that's what she does.
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Jade's Field Trip to the Gateway Discovery Zone

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to get to chaperon Jade's field trip. I had 5 kids in my group- Ally, Tyson, Jaxson, Jade and Breyelle. Jade, Tyson and Jaxson are really good friends and the three of them have a lot of fun together- which also means they no longer get to sit together in class. The two girls are very sweet and very calm.

The boys favorite part of the museum was when they got to draw a cartoon. Jade and Ally created one together, Jaxson and Breyelle did one together and Tyson did his own.

The kids got to climb around in a life flight helicopter. And some of them climbed the wall. When we were done with the museum, I asked everyone what their favorite part was. The girls all three said, "All of it!"

I loved getting to see Jade interact with her friends. She was very bubbly and fun.
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November 20, 2008

Sugar Bugs mean funny gas...

Jade cracks me up. I love that she doesn't get scared about things that scare most kids her age. Let's be honest, the dentist scares many adults. She smiled the whole time she was getting drilled. She would laugh and say her mouth was tired. Once she was done getting drilled and filled, she got her prize and was on her way- grinning and rubbing her numb cheek.
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Bonderant Performance Driving School....

With my new job, I will be doing customer events. The majority of these events will be in a hotel conference room. Lucky for me, my first event involved a little bit more excitement. I do have to say that I was really impressed with the presentations that I got to watch. We had a lot of excitement concerning the new product announcement. I'm anxious to see how things develop. For the event, we went to the Bondurant Performance Driving School. It was very cool. I do like the sound of a Corvette, but when it comes to handling, I'll stick with our blue car- hands down!

Remember when I was younger and I was a "Bond girl" during Novell's Brainshare at a Compaq party? Well, in my older and more maternal life, this is as close as I will come to being a poster girl. Sad isn't it?
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