August 29, 2008

We love when Daddy washes the car

By the time the girls got to play in the water, Spry was done washing the car and waxing it. (It does look beautiful right now- too bad the rain this coming Sunday and Monday will ruin that.) Anyway, the girls like to put on their swimming suits and play with the hose. Here are a few fun pictures of our little Bug playing with the water.

I've been playing around a lot with manual modes on my camera. It's difficult for me because I have been pretty happy with how well my camera does in auto mode. But, I'm learning and messing around with the shutter speed has created some fun action to these pictures.

I love watching Bug when she's happy and having fun. It makes my whole world light up. It's times like this that I beat myself up over going to work every day.

I love the way she can play and play with water and find fun and different things to do with an everyday hose. (That hose is not the one that I broke my foot on).

I realized- after taking several pictures- that I would get better pictures of her if I put her hair back up in a ponytail. So I did. Isn't it cute how it revealed her temporary angel tattoo?

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Dive's faces...

During a matter of minutes, Dives can work her way through many emotions. She can go for such a sad pitiful cry to a loud giggle. I decided tonight to capture just a few of them.

Bug had sprayed her with the water. I know, I know, she's in her suit so you would think she'd be okay about getting wet, but she is NOT.

From the time she was a little baby she would look at you from the corners of her eyes. With as dark as her eyes are, it's a very striking look. One that would often times stop me in my tracks wondering what she was thinking about while watching me.

If there was ever any doubt about her being my daughter, just look at the tongue. Spry has always teased me that I can't concentrate with my tongue in my mouth. I sure hope I don't have this look at business meetings- at least not very often. On Dives, it's adorable. On a grown woman, not so hot.

Eyebrows down. She must be thinking about something. Probably trying to decide when would be a good time for her to scream "NO" at Bug and get her in trouble. It had been at least 5 minutes, so it was about time.
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Bug's new body art

I've always wanted a tattoo but I've had issues with the commitment. I'm obviously not a commitment-phob but I couldn't commit to a real tattoo. So I, at times, will find myself with a thin sharpie in a pretty color drawing a cute little flower or butterfly or angel on my ankle. They don't last long- maybe a day or two. Just long enough for me to enjoy my "ink" or body art.

Last weekend my mom found some Bic permanent markers in beautiful colors. Neat browns. Pretty pinks. Dashing blues. And regal purples. She bought some for herself and I couldn't be left out. So, she and dad went the next day to get me some. I love permanent markers!

Dives was the first to get one. Then Bug needed some too. While I was doing the art work, Nanny was sitting in shock. She grew up in a home that discouraged drawing on yourself. Okay, so my parents always told me not to draw on myself either. But, if we did it was laughed about. (Unless of course it was answers to a biology quiz or a boys phone number.)

So here's Bug's Art.

Daddy's JadyBug- she smeared the Lady Bug a bit.

Mommy's Angel- the pink was a little lighter than I would have liked, but I didn't want to mess it up by tracing over it with a darker color.

Her butterfly. The dark part had been a lime green but Bug doesn't like green so I had to change it. She says you can still see some of the green and that doesn't make her very happy.

Finally, Bug got that tat that I would have gotten if I ever had the nerve to do it. This is her guardian angel and it is on her right shoulder blade. Cute huh?

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Now for Dive's Body Art

Dive's only got three tats. She's little, you know, and I'd hate to have her completely covered at such a young age. She was so excited that I was writing on her. Nanny was still in shock as she watched me draw over and over again on my pristine little angels. My theory, teach them the joy of temporary body art and they will be happy with that and not find the need to do permanent painful body art.

Daddy's girl.

Love Mom- This was the first one I did, that started the whole tattoo party.

Finally, her cute little butterfly. She really likes her butterfly but wishes it was on the inside of her ankle because that would be easier to see.
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August 26, 2008

The differences in my girls...

Last night we went to the park where Spry plays frisbee golf. It's a beautiful park and has a great playground for the kids. Dives, as always, was pretty cautious about what she would play on and how she would play. It cracks me up when she puts her hand on her waist and gives me that look!

While Bug took off her shoes, Dives was often cleaning hers out or complaining that there was something in them.

Bug, rarely was in the bark long enough to get any on her feet, let alone in her shoes. Oh, that's right, her flipflops stayed somewhere under a pole most of the evening.

Honestly, I'm shocked we haven't spent numerous hours with this child at the Emergency Room. If there is something she can climb on, I promise you, she will be there trying to get higher.

We had a great time at the park and it was very fun getting to spend time with some of our friends from the neighborhood.

FHE in the park

The other night, we had a blast doing FHE at a park near Scott's work. For some reason the web album slide shows in Picasa quit working. So, here's the link to the album. Enjoy.

FHE- August 25, 2008

FHE- Kim's pictures

August 24, 2008

Yummy Potato Smashers

Flipping little girl...

Spry is always so much fun in the pool. The girls, okay, Bug, loves when he comes a long. Here is her best flip in the air.

I must be a crazy mom to let him do that. Maybe I'm okay with it because I remember growing up with Doc and GG's pool and my dad would do the same thing to us. Oh, okay, not me, but Kat. And she always loved it and never got hurt. Dives is more like me and doesn't enjoy it nearly as much.
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August 23, 2008

Gymnastics is FUN

At the end of summer and the end of the year, Bug's gymnastics class gets to do a recital or meet. They get trophies or medals and have a blast.
Here is Bug with her friends Kylie and Annie.

Cute Bug posing for me :)

I have to apologize that the photography is not very good. A flash really does nothing when she's so far away.

I can't get over how high she gets on the rope. There are no knots on it at all. This one is a little dark but I liked how it shows the girls and their wave of back walk overs.

Here is a little series of Bug doing a back walk over.

After the floor they did a routine on the balance beam.

Then they moved on to the bars. I think the bars is Bug's strength, but the beam is her favorite.

After they finished all of the events, Bug received a cute medal and posed on the podium.
Here's her team picture.
I've really been impressed with her gymnastics and how far she's come. She has learned so much about discipline and listening to a teacher. I really think it helps her in school.

Look who is tying her own shoes...

Yesterday morning while Bug was getting ready for school (doesn't she look adorable in her uniform?) We've been working on tying a bow with ribbon, her shoes, and anything else that will tie. This morning Nanny only helped her get it tight enoug. The rest, she did on her own.
She was so proud of herself.

After she was all ready for school she played a little bit of ring around the roses with Dives. Little Dives was so excited to play with her. It's so fun watching them getting along so well and being so cute.

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