July 31, 2012

It's Great to be Eight

***It has been a year and and a half since this wonderful day.  I somehow got very far behind on this blog - of which I am somewhat embarrassed and very disappointed in myself.  Since this is my journal of our lives, it is very important for the history of my family that I keep this up to date.  Over the next little while, I will work to get up to date.

On March 12, 2011, Jade became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It wasn't a decision that she took lightly. But it was one that she made with hours of prayer, tears and thought.  I've never seen a child be so worried about what this decision meant for her life.  I am so grateful that she did.  Now she knows for herself the truthfulness of the gospel.

The date of Jade's baptism was very special.  It was Scott's 40th birthday (which was a pretty cool gift to get to baptize his oldest on a day he will always remember).

It was also special because Aunt Anne was able to be there.  Jade had decided she didn't want to get baptized until Anne could be there with her.  It meant that Jade did not get baptized with the other kids in our ward on the first Saturday of the month.  Anne had to wait for some test results before she knew if she would be able to travel.  Jade was so excited that Aunt Anne could make it and she asked Aunt Anne to do the talk on the Holy Ghost.
Jade's baptism was perfect.  She was thoughtful and nervous but confident that she was doing the right thing.  And she was surrounded by family that loves her and knows that she is started on the right path.

It's GREAT to be eight!

Congratulations to our sweet little member of the church.

PS - Jade's dress was made by a friend of my mom's.  She did such an amazing job and Jade couldn't have felt prettier or more special.

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