November 10, 2012

First Time Duck Hunter

The alarm on Scott's phone was set for 5:25 am.  The clock on the nightstand hadn't been changed for daylight savings.  I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 5:30.  I waited a few more minutes just in case Scott had changed his mind about how much time they needed.  Five minutes went by and no alarm.  So being a good wife, I asked him what time he needed to get up.  He looked at the clock and said in a panic "10 minutes ago!" and then looked at his phone and with a yawn said "or in 50 minutes."

Oops - not a great way for me to start the early morning.

25 minutes later, Jade comes in and says, "Mom, don't we need to be leaving?  It's nearly 6 o'clock." - Guess she was pretty excited to get to go duck hunting with dad.

They went to the motel and picked up Jason and Topher and headed out for their cold 30 degree morning in the water.

 They saw a duck.  Scott shot at him.  They didn't kill or injure any ducks at all.

The only mishap for the morning was when Jade was telling Jason a funny story and was acting it out and fell into the water.  Her waders are only thigh high so it meant they filled with ice cold water.  She tried really hard to be a big girl and not cry but darn it, that was some cold water and they had to practically hold her upside down to drain her waders.  In the end she had some crocodile sized tears and a great story to tell.

The four of them had a great time and they are both excited to go again.  I'll still keep my fingers crossed that there are no duck casualties.  
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