December 16, 2007

Cartwheels, Books and more

For the past year and a half, Jade has been taking gymnastics at All American in Lindon. She has gotten really pretty good. We have 3 exhibition meets since the time she started. It's very fun to see how she has progressed. Her latest teacher, Jessie, is fantastic for the girls. She's really working on form. Since she started with Jade, Jade's cartwheels have perfectly straight legs and pointed toes. She can also do a backbend into a walkover and she's learning out to do handstands on the beam. Most Importantly, Jade LOVES it!
We tried to do a combination dance class. I think she was really good at it, but apparently some girl was mean, so she decided to quit. It makes me really sad, but one day, she may decide to take it again.

This past fall Jade started pre-school at Learning Dynamics. I don't love her teacher but I'm really glad she's learning. She has started to read and therefore write. Yesterday she was trying to write, "Lukie, I love you" and she was writing "love" she went through "LLLL" wrote it, "uh, uh" and said "U". Some spelling rules are a little difficult for beginners. But I'm really excited that she is making an effort.

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