December 16, 2007

To try and to fail- or maybe succeed

Every so often we try something new. Something that we don't think we are going to be any good at, but we try it anyway. As my mom has recently addressed, our family doesn't do things unless we know that we are good at them.

I think I'm a little different than the rest of my family, because I have done a lot of things that I have found out that I'm really not good at. Take singing- after a year or so of voice lessons, I decided that it just wasn't part of the path I should take. Maybe it was all of the jokes about "Hit Me with a Hot Note" that steered me away from it. Or because I would yawn uncontrollably anytime I did classical training. Either way, I know I'm not good. I could continue telling you things that I have given a fair try, only to fail, but I won't.

This weekend I tried something that I was not very confident about. Scott has wanted a large tree in our entryway. He decided last year before Christmas that we needed a "decorator tree" to fill up some of that space. As I am not a person that can buy things full price, very often, I started shopping for this tree during the after Christmas sales last year. I got some great sprays and balls at Pier1. (This year they are really limited in what they have for Christmas decorating). Anyway, I ended up using several of those balls and sprays on my 7 1/2 foot tree in the family room. (The non-decorator tree with ornaments from many years of collecting). This year, I waited for Interior Elements to have their Christmas sale. (That's going on right now- 30% off!) What fun stuff they had and I managed to get a 9 ft Imperial Slim tree for $175. Okay, so the tree isn't ideal. It's one of the wider slims, but it's fine for the money. I got the tree and some decorations home Friday evening and started setting it up. Boy did it need a lot of fluffing. Scott got home from work and wasn't blown over by the bare tree itself, but "all Christmas sales are final" so I had to make due. I started decorating and was done - for the most part- in time to play Ghost Recon (another thing I don't do well).

I tell you this because I am actually really pleased with how it turned out. I still have the ribbon to do and the tree topper, but I need to go and get green pipe cleaner, some firm wire and some floral tape. Monday morning I'll run to Michael's or Robert's to get that stuff. Then I'll finish up the tree when I get back from Raleigh.

I guess I'm not the only one excited about the new tree. Jade said, "Mom, this tree is much better than the other tree. I mean look at that one and then look at this one. It's just so much prettier and has all of this stuff on it."

I'm really glad I tried it, even though I wasn't so sure I could pull it off. I'd hate to try to make it look "decoratorish" and have it turn out like the "other tree". Although, I do love the "other tree" and each ornament means something special to me.

Happy Decorating!

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