October 28, 2008

Sunday at my brothers house

Before we headed to Disneyland, I wanted to document life with the Six in the World family.

Dax has gotten really good at the drums and the guitar- despite suffering from very painful carpel tunnel.

My nephew, McKane, didn't like that I french braided his hair. I think it's great. (I also think that I look really old- time for some skin treatments!)

Jade and Asher took turns giving each other piggy back rides. They were so cute together. Unfortunately, when the two get together, they don't really care if there is anyone else around.

Ivy and Kieran had a great time watching videos on YouTube. The rest of the week, we got to hear the gummy bear song, over and over and over again. I'm sharing it with you, so that it will go through your head- just like it has mine.
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Lorelie Andrus said...

Putting cousins together always results in a good time for everybody.