February 17, 2009

The Birthday Girl and her sign

As part of Jade's birthday celebration, I got to take treats to her class and a poster sharing all of the wonderful things about Jade. I let her pick out all of the pictures, she realized that she forgot a picture of her skiing, another of her in a sunset and one in ballet. She was so cute and excited about her poster. You'll notice that it is HUGE!!! That was not on purpose. I had forgotten I needed to make the sign and it was Sunday. Luckily my mom has a year's supply of all arts and crafts supplies. We had planned on cutting it in half or at least making it a little smaller, but all of the pictures Jade picked, fit very nicely on the great big poster board.

So, on Monday I went and met Jade at her school and she got to tell everyone what her favorite things are. It was very cute and she was very excited to give everyone cupcakes.
That wraps up all of the birthday celebrations for our little 6 year old.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jade! Wish we could be there! Amy, have I ever mentioned how dang talented you are???

Chandra said...

Oh! My baby Jade is not a baby any more! How I love that lil girl! Give her a squeeze from me! And I LOVE the cute pix at the ice thing and midway! Beautiful!!!!