February 17, 2011

Christmas Eve Outing

This year we went to Brigham City for Christmas Eve.  Brigham City has two Christmas attractions that are very fun to see.  There is a house at the end of a street that celebrates the holiday by displaying large wood cutouts of Disney characters.  They also have music playing.  The girls loved getting to see all of the different characters.

I wonder how their neighbors feel about having their street becoming a holiday attraction.  Plus, the cutouts have expanded beyond their own yard into both of their neighbor's yards.

After we went by the "holiday house" we went to the other great Christmas attraction.  The Lights at Willard Bay.  The lights are great and the kids love them.  After we drove through the lights we went over to the concessions for hot chocolate and SANTA!

Santa promised them that they would be by the house if they promised to go to bed when it was time.  I'm not sure what Grandpa and Grandma asked for nor what Santa promised them.

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