February 12, 2011

Snowball fight

Saturday snow storms are my favorite because the are the ones that the girls get to play in the very most.  They get to help daddy snow blow/shovel the walks and then the get to build big beautiful snowmen.  They also get to have fresh snowball fights.  (I'm not a huge snowball fight fan unless it is fresh and powdery snow that doesn't hurt).  The best part of a snowball fight is when I manage to capture the perfect facial expressions that say....

"I'm gonna get you, dad!"

"Think I have a chance of winning this challenge?"

"Aw, man, come on dad, I'm a girl.  A headshot?  Really?"

Gotta love a snowball fight.

By the way, Ivy was pretending to be involved in the fight too, but she spent the better part of the time hiding.

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