October 14, 2012

Grand Teton National Park

It would appear that we are not very good at just "driving straight through" when we go on road trips.   And frankly - I love it this way.  Sure, it may take us hours more to get to or from our destinations but those stop offs are sometimes the part that we remember the best.

On our drive home from Yellowstone we stopped in the Grand Tetons for a couple of photo opportunities.  


One of those stops ended up being about an hour long break where we let the girls wander around down by Lake Teton.  The weather was pleasant (which it hadn't been the day before) and everyone was tired from sitting. 

Because our girls are almost always filled with some sort of mischief, they hid from grandma in the weeds and tried to scare her.  They were adorable but failed at scaring anyone. 

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