April 20, 2009

Fast and Furious

I am a HUGE Fast and Furious fan. Not because I'm a motor head, but because I have great taste in men. After all, I did wait a long time to find the man of my dreams and married him. Anyway, Fast and Furious. Between Paul and Vin and the sound of the impact gun and "Oh sure" action, I was in heaven. Yes, there was one major "Oh sure" and it started at the first scene and ended with the closing credits. (If you like to stick around the theater after the credits to see if there is a tag, there is NOT one for this Fast and the Furious.)

In our family, Fast and Furious coming attractions were celebrated and plans were made. Unfortunately, we didn't make it on opening weekend, but we did make it during it's second weekend. My mom was sweet enough to watch the 5 Utah grand kids so that we could go with Kat, Jon and Dad. We had a great time and all enjoyed the show. It's one to buy for sure!

Go see it, but keep in mind that reality is not what they are after with this film. Don't feel bad when you say "Oh sure" because that is what Fast and Furious is about. Do expect to see a lot of perfect Vin looks and breath taking Paul moments. Prepare yourself for a bit of girl-girl kissing scenes. (If you were in the theater with us, you would have heard at least one "oh gosh" and seen the rubbing of the forehead from the fantastic gentlemen in his 60's that came with us- we love you Dad).

While we were fast and furious, my mom entertained the kids. Since it was the day before Easter (I know, I'm a bit behind), they decorated eggs, posed in cute ears and made baby Zachary giggle. They had a wonderful time and did NOT want to go home. Thanks, Mom, for making our Fast and Furious double date happen.

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Ro said...

yay, i can't wait to see it!!! johne and i were both excited when we saw the previews! your girls are adorable in their aprons! they are both getting so big and are gorgeous as always!