April 8, 2009

Tooth #6

My little toothless wonder has now lost as many teeth as she is old. While my nephew has lost one tooth, and Jade's friend just lost his second, my little girl has lost SIX! That is just crazy.
On the 16th of March, I had landed in Atlanta- en route to Raleigh. I called the girls to say hello and Jade said her tooth was really loose. She wanted to pull it out. So, I told her to try and call me back. She wimped out and had Miss Kim try. Miss Kim pulled it out. I'm not sure it was really ready to come out- it bled a bit. Jade was thrilled to have it out.
She's been sick the past week and a half, so we waited until a sunny day and a healthy girl to take the tooth pictures. She took this photo shoot a bit more towards the "thoughtful" side than she has in the past.

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