January 3, 2010

Birthday Girl!

I can't believe it has already been 4 years since Scott, Jade and I were walking through the mall in Dearborn Michigan trying to get Ivy to join our family before the new year. Considering I had been on bedrest since week 24 of my pregnancy, you would think a walk around the mall would have kicked me in to labor. Oh no, nothing. She held until just hours before her due date.
When she entered this world, I knew she would be a special little angel. A tender and sweet little girl. When she was days old she found her voice- loud like a raptor. She continues to be tender and sweet and LOUD.

Some of my favorite things about our little Ivy are...
1. Her little closed mouth smile that reminds me of Lucy Little
2. The songs she sings in bed when she's trying to keep herself from falling asleep
3. The funny little ball she gets into when she's trying to do a cartwheel
4. Her squeaky little voice that calls for me whenever I leave the room
5. Her "nuggles" before bed and in the middle of most nights
6. How she can carry on a conversation with herself for a 20 minute drive
7. She has several imaginary friends- Tinka, Linka, Locka, Pinka to name just a few
8. The way she remembers every one's names from church, dance, Jade's school and anywhere else she meets someone
She is such a funny little character and we are so lucky and blessed to be her parents. She has brought us so much joy, love and laughter. She is a wonderful baby sister and she loves her big sister more than anything.
Happy Birthday Princess Ivy. We love you!!!

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