January 12, 2010

Let's get this party started

The house was all dressed up and then we had the Sanford Family Annual Oyster Fry.
Everything went well- the kids got a long great. They had a wonderful time playing in the playroom, playing the Wii and the XBox and eating.
While the kids were doing well playing together, Scott headed up the team of cookers. There were two grills going with oysters being dipped and fried.

The menu was huge and delicious. We had...

fried oysters with homemade cocktail and tarter sauces
shake and bake chicken

sweet potato and brown rice casserole

roasted pototoes

crab and artichoke dip


and coleslaw.

For dessert we had pies, gingerbread and amish bread.
I'm so glad that we were able to have everyone get together for Oysters. It is probably the most anticipated and talked aobut tradition in Scott's family. And somehow, we haven't had the whole group together for 3 years.
Scott's grandparents, Jay and Vod, had an annual oyster fry for Grandpa Bob's birthday and Christmas. The menu always included Shake and Bake chicken and fried oysters. Jay and Vod both died years before I met Scott, but it has been a tradition that I am grateful they have continued.

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