January 18, 2010

Going on a hike...

Sometimes we tell the girls to play with themselves and to let us have a quiet adult conversation. We realize that when we do this, we might never know what messes we are going to find or what mischief they are going to get into. Although there was a mess it was awfully cute.
The girls decided to go on a pretend hike. They got their backpacks, their baseball caps, sweatshirts and flip flops- the perfect hiking shoes. They also put their pajamas in the big pill bug stuffed animal bags- because you have got to have those two things with you whenever you go on a hike. Think about it. You might need a stuffed animal that can double as a pillow when you put your pj's on. They also gathered purses and webkins. Again- they really know how to prepare for a hike.

To join in the fun, Scott let Jade use the GPS and Ivy used a "pretend flashlight." "Pretend" because there weren't any batteries in it.
Then the girls were off for their hike...

Jade used the GPS to help them get to the mailbox and Ivy shed little light on the path. Ivy got cold and came in before they made it to the mailbox.
Such funny little girls. I think this summer we'll have to get a bit more hiking in so that they learn the real things a little girl needs on a hike.


Its So Very Cheri said...

I love the snow, shorts and flip flop combo. YOU HAVE TO COME TO MY BLOG--you are featured. You can grab a I've been featured button.


Stephanie said...

Love the baseball caps...and the flip-flops in the snow! :)