January 7, 2010

Dinner and the Ballet

When our family goes to Salt Lake, there are two restaurants that we always want to go to- The New Yorker and Greek Souvlaki. When kids are invited, Greek is the way to go. Everyone loves it and eats a ton.
Why were we in Salt Lake? The "Naughty Nutcracker" of course. Okay okay, it is really the "Nutty Nutcracker" but we all like the name Ivy came up with for it. This was our gift from my parents. It was a wonderful idea and a great activity for the whole family. Everyone had a good time and was entertained.
One thing that we neglected to prepare the kids for was men in tights. Why I didn't think about it before the ballet, I'll never know. But when the first male dancer came out in his light colored tights, all of the kids from 3-17 years old were giggling. "Look at his bum."
Oh heavens!! It is a good thing that we went to the nutty version of the Nutcracker because you were expected to laugh at parts, not parts. Half way through the second half, I moved next to Jade and would gently pinch her leg as a reminder that she shouldn't be laughing. It didn't work.
In the end, the ballet was a wonderful family activity and I'm glad we went. I don't think we've converted that family to ballets but at least they have all been to one.


Kat said...

i do have to defend luke on the men in tights thing...he was the only one not laughing - and that's because he watched the russian ballet do the Nutcracker on PBS - he was explaining to harry and the others "that's just what they wear." :)

Amy said...

good to hear :) I was too far away from him to notice he wasn't part of the laughter

Lorelie Andrus said...

The last photo of the kids sitting in the auditorium is a good representation of our "family photo" efforts-- only two out of the eight kids were looking at the camera! Maybe Mac made three, but I don't think so.
Funny kids.
It was a fun night and even the teen-agers were great sports and helped make it a memorable evening.