April 11, 2010

Grandparents, a Pool and Scooters

We don't get to travel with both grandparents very often, so when we do, we feel pretty lucky.  (You'll notice that my dad is on a slope, he hasn't shrunk quite that much).  We stayed at our friend's St George home.  It was beautiful and fit the 8 of us very comfortably.  We stayed up late and the guys played games.  We were able to "borrow" someone's internet connection (which was much easier for me, since I had to work the full day we were down there.  I could have used my phone, but the neighbor's unsecured internet was much easier).  The older generation played Sudoku or messed around on their macbooks.  Jade and Ivy colored, played outside, swam and enjoyed the scooters.  During the trip we ate a lot and managed to get a little bit of sun.

We had a wonderful time and are very thankful to the Thomas' for the use of their home that they do not rent out.  Plus, the girls LOVED having their grandparents at the dance competition.

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