April 10, 2010

Ultimate Expressions- Ivy

Next up was Ivy's age group.  Oh my goodness they were all so adorable.  I couldn't stop grinning.  Ivy's cartwheel is getting better and she did a great job of remembering the dance.  Yellow Polka Dot Bikini took first in its category.  So cute.

Unfortunately, before the dance, Ivy and another little girl collided.  Ivy got a little cut on her toe that she didn't know about.  When she finally did find out about it, she absolutely melted.  So many tears!  We almost didn't get her out on the stage for her teddy bear number.  After many many tears, a band aid and me standing backstage, Ivy finally went out. She was all smiles and you would never have known she'd been sobbing moments before her dance began.  Teddy Bear took first in its category and first in high point for their age group.

Both girls did such a great job!

I really do love watching them dance.  Just a couple more weekends off and then we have another competition.

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