August 3, 2010

Making Progress - Swimming

Jade is a fantastic "swimmer" but not great at her strokes.  This summer, hopefully, she will improve on those. She has the desire to be better and I'm hoping that translates to paying attention well in her classes.  Mom got the kids signed up in a group class and the Utah grandkids also did a couple of semi-privates earlier.

Ivy, well, she didn't make a lot of progress on her semi-privates, so I decided to have my own little lesson with her.  She's very timid.  But, I convinced her to take off her floaties and see what we could do.  She actually did pretty well, she just was a bit scared to start.

We did some floating and kicking and paddling.  Eventually she started to feel more comfortable without her floaties.  Finally I was able to convince her to swim with just a noodle.  That quickly became her favorite way to swim.

Jade has been really working on her dives.  Hopefully one day Kat will be able to really teach her how to dive.

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