August 1, 2010

Meet my nephews...

Every year my brother's family comes to town for our big 4th of July celebration.  This was the first time they have been here since we got our boat.  We had big plans to go down to Yuba for a couple of days and we were going to camp and swim and boat and just enjoy the family boating.  Instead, there ended up being a lot of wind and we decided not to experience Yuba again with major winds.

Instead, Scott took just the "big boys" out on the boat to learn how to wakeboard.  They both had a lot of fun but both said they weren't eager to go again.  I think the fact that they were SOOOO sore from using muscles they have never used might have something to do with it.  The other thing that might have come into play was that Dax had a pretty big wreck.  Big enough that Scott has decided that if they do go out on the boat again, they will be wearing the helmet.

As you look at the pictures, notice how they do not let go of the rope when they are crashing.  Not letting go really adds to the impact of the wreck.

Both boys totally got the hang of it, and were pretty decent.  Next summer we'll have to try again.  This time with the whole family camping at Yuba.

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Chandra said...

What do we need to do to bribe you into letting us come with you on the boat sometime? :-) Great pictures!