August 31, 2010

A Cousin Photoshoot

My mom really wanted to get a quick photo shoot of all of the cousins gathered together before Dax heads off to college.  (Still freaks me out that he is old enough to go to college.  He was Jade's age when Scott and I got married).  Anyway, she would have liked to get a family picture of all of us dressed up on a Sunday (her plan was right before Dax's party) but we just couldn't make it work out.

Both of my girls decided to strike a pose for the camera.  They really do crack me up so much of the time.  Eventually they cooperated  and I did get a pretty cute one of them.  And with Asher, they were both willing to pose nicely.

In the end, I did get one of all of them looking at me (okay, Zachary isn't quite looking at me but at least he's looking straight ahead).  I think it is funny that they are all in such a random collection of clothing but at least it captured them for who they are.

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