May 4, 2011

Jade's Birthday - Installment #2

Apparently we spend birthday's on field trips.  (Okay, Jade's birthday was the next day, but I could only take off one day or the other so we pretended that the field trip was on her birthday).

Ivy got to go on this field trip as well.  Luckily the field trips I signed up for they opened up to younger siblings. :) For this field trip, they were short on chaperones, so my mom joined us as well.  Which was a HUGE help.

The girls got a long perfectly and Jade let Ivy hang out with her and all of her friends.

My mom is so good at getting the kids really involved in the museum and learning about every single exhibit.  I so wish that I could be more like her.  It is a goal of mine. :)

We went to the Planetarium and the 2002 Olympics Museum.  It was very fun getting to see some of the photographs from the Olympics and to watch a movie full of quick highlights from the winter games.  2002 was a pretty cool time to live in Utah.

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