March 20, 2008

Date Night at Brainshare

Last night Scott and I went on a real date. We went with a group from our ward- the Jardines, the Hawkins and the Wasdans (Scott, am I spelling that wrong?). We started out at Z'tejas. It was just okay, but a little louder than we had hoped and not great food. Then we went to the Brainshare conference.

Frank was HILARIOUS! By the way, he's much larger in real life than he looks in this picture. Part of his act he laid down on the ground and talked with his hand. It was so funny. He does a great job on impressions but the floor was my favorite part.

After Frank, the headliners came out. Collective Soul. They started out a little weak. Okay really weak. You couldn't understand the singer and his hair was covering up his face. But then, they played a song everyone recognized and it was as if a different band was on stage. Did you know that "hollywood" from American Idol is their song? It was really fun, and the girls wanted to get up and dance, but the support from the guys just wasn't there, so we sat at danced in our seats.

We really enjoyed the group. I felt really old when the band referred to 1994 and we all talked about where we were in '94. Scott and I were the oldest by 6 and 7 years. The funny thing is that we've also been married the shortest time. :) Hopefully we really will do more with these couples.

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