March 17, 2008

The Online Resume

I read a really interesting article today (as I waited for an hour for Jade's doctor's appointment). It was about the new online resume that you don't really think of as a resume. Fortunately my "online resume" is perfect. The article was all about MySpace and Facebook pages. It said that if you are on MySpace, chances are your future employer is as well. It also talks about how a future employer will google your name before extending an offer. It used actual examples of how people did not get an offer because their MySpace account showed them doing obnoxious things or talking negatively about previous bosses. You wouldn't think about your personal page making you lose a job!
So, I googled my name. I found my "LinkedIn" profile and that's all. I think that that is just sad. It means I have done nothing impressive or noteworthy. Maybe one day I'll be listed as the mother of Jade Sanford- star gymnast or mother of Ivy Sanford- winner of American Idol. Okay, maybe not :)
Until then, I guess I am glad that my "online resume" won't keep me from getting a job. But it also won't help me get a job. Good thing I already have a really good one!

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