March 31, 2008

Celebrating 30 years at the Bean Museum

While Scott was zooming through the Sand Dunes, and Kat and Jon were biking through St George, Grandpa, Grandma and I took the 4 angels to the Bean Museum. It is amazing to me that we have been going to the Bean Museum since I was only 6 years old! Hogle Zoo sent down some live animals for the celebration (and they had Cake- of which we did not partake). There is a great exhibit right in the center of the main gallery.
In the first picture, the kids are looking at the lions in amazement. The second picture, the kids are admiring the "smog" millipede. The three in the picture touched it, the one missing- didn't. Ivy is always happy to smile at the camera, no matter the situation.
In the third picture, the four were following the turtle. I missed what kind it was, but it was really cool. After that, Luke said hi to the bearded dragon, and then the celebration was over. But before we left, everyone got a sticky lizard.

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