May 5, 2009

These are my cousins...

I have lots of cousins. I have 5 cousins that I am especially close to. These cousins have been close friends for as long as I can remember. We've spent holidays, birthdays, weekdays and weekends together ever since they moved from California when there were only 2 cousins. I feel very lucky to have cousins that are also my friends.
Right now, I'm taking a photography class from my oldest cousin's best friends. Teral and Nina. I'm taking it with 3 of the 5 cousins.
First, this is Emily. She's the youngest. She's an amazing artist. You can see her work at the Terzian Gallery in Park City and with Greenwich Workshop. She was sweet enough to flash me a smile while I took her picture.

This is Cass. She's my oldest cousin. She's also a fantastic artist. You can find her work with Greenwich Workshop and several galleries across the country. Here is her website.

This is Pete. He's the second to the youngest. Many years ago, he and I took a drawing class together that Cass taught at BYU. He's an attorney and speaks Czech. He puts his eyebrows down when he's thinking.

Josh and Sari aren't taking the class with us. But they are my cousins, too. And I love them.

Here is the reminder that we received for the class we're taking. If they decide to have additional classes, I'll be sure and post about it. I learned SOOOO much in the first 2 hour block. Thanks, Cass, for inviting me to attend with you. I'm excited for our second class this Thursday.


Cassandra Barney said...

Ah shucks Amy! I love you too. Please post your ugliest photo to share. Maybe we should have a contest. See you tonight!
Cousin Cass

jennie said...

Sweet post Amy!! I wanna see prom pics!