July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad doesn't always read my blog, but he deserves a post dedicated to him anyway. Hey, maybe this will draw him to my blog. :)

My dad is a great man. He loves his family with all of his heart. When asked what makes him happy, his answer is his family. Dad is amazing with all of the grand kids and is each of their best buddy. Dad welcomed Scott into the family with open arms and for that I am grateful. They can work on projects together, play games together and fall asleep watching a show at our house (at the same time- not together). Dad is always willing to watch the girls and "pop" up to our house to help out. He was a wonderful Sunday School teacher and misses working with the youth. Dad made a huge impact in the lives of many Lehi students- and many of his ball players thank him still. He is a great cook and is always happy to feed the masses. Plus, he's an amazing dad and growing up with him was a lot of fun. He took me on daddy-daughter dates, he'd play catch with Kat and he'd work with Tom on his many sports. I remember him timing Tom's 50 in the front yard. He's always fun to just hang out with.

Dad, I love you and so does my little family.

Happy Birthday!!!
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Lorelie Andrus said...

A very sweet and well deserved tribute.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to meet him.