July 20, 2009

The day of the 4th of July

The 4th of July recap...
This year's theme was all about Hawaii. And surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with that my parents went to Hawaii this year. The theme comes from Hawaii celebrating 50 years as the 50th state. It's too bad we couldn't celebrate on a beach in Hawaii, but we did a pretty darn good job of celebrating the culture.
Mom decorated for the occasion and made her yard look like a Hawaiian hut. And Uncle decorated the pool and surrounding area to feel like a Hawaiian beach.
Then the games began. This year we had a quiz all about Hawaii. No one scored a perfect score, but everyone tried hard and had some good laughs. The team pictures were very creative this year. One team pretended they were on a boat, another team rode a wave with sharks below and another team created a "50" with their bodies. Very fun to see the creative juices flow.

The relays were a blast, and we managed to catch my dad and Lori in an uncomfortable exchange- again. The cake walk was made perfect by Teral and Nina's mock hostess cupcakes. They were to die for!
My favorite part of the games was the "So You Think You Can Dance the Hula" portion. It was so fun to see the skills our group has. We're talking a lot of 10 cow women in this bunch.

My mom researched a bunch of recipes and she delivered a wonderful meal. Everyone contributed to a meal worth repeating.
The evening ended with fireworks, a special tribute to Micheal Jackson by the Fire Girls 550 South dance team, a blimp dropping candy, the "Bonus Brothers", the Star Spangled Banner by a real American Idol, Carmen Rasmusen, and a spectacular entrance and speech by the soon-to-be-Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert. It was AWESOME!

Check out Colin's video for an awesome recap of the events... here.

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Amy said...

WOW! Where do I sign up to be part of the family! Incredible!

We were in Hawaii last year on the 4th of July. I would highly recommend spending the holiday there. It is a beautiful place!

Katie Blatter said...

Sounds like so much fun! Wow, you guys really go all out!!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how festive your family is! I love it! It is like something straight out of a magazine. You know, those articles in Family Fun that I read and think, "I'll never do that..." But you, you guys take it to the next level. Your girls are so lucky!