July 21, 2009

Zoo Day with Grandma and Aunt Kat

Our girls are very lucky. When it was said that it takes a village to raise a child, it was referring to my girls. They are blessed to have many people around them that love them and want them to be the best they can be.
My mom and dad are two of those people and my sister is another. Whenever we get in a bind, they all are eager and willing to help out. When Kim took a week off to do MD Camp, the three juggled their schedules to watch the girls and run them to all of their lessons.
On one of the days that we needed help, mom and Aunt Kat took the girls (and the boys) to the zoo. The four (plus Baby Z) had a blast. They highly recommend the bird show. Hogle Zoo actually has some great exhibits and shows. My mom has a grandparents pass to the zoo, so they are looking forward to an early morning admission to watch the animals start out their day, and other fun special activities for members. If you are in the Greater Salt Lake area, I suggest you check out their member information. Oh wait, don't do that. We like the small crowds.
Thanks mom and Aunt Kat for a fun zoo day. The girls had a ball.


Anonymous said...

THAT'S why I want to move to Utah. I want my girls to have more family members in their lives. I think it makes such a positive impact of kids' lives. One day....

Kat said...

ahhh, thanks. and i still have hundreds more pictures from that day for you. i'll bring you a disc tonight.