July 9, 2009

Lehi Round Up

My family has been tied to Lehi since 1972 when my dad become a teacher and coach at Lehi High School. Although tied to Lehi, we didn't call Lehi home. My parents built a home and raised us in Orem. I share this little bit of history, because it is strange that in all of these years of having Lehi being such a strong piece of family history, we never once attended the Lehi Round-Up Rodeo. Not once! Do you know what is even more odd? My dad used to ride in the rodeo when he was young- and yet, we still didn't ever go to the Lehi Rodeo.
So, this year we decided to go. As we were walking to the Rodeo grounds the clouds started to roll in. By the time the color guard had completed their ride and the clowns had made the kids laugh, the heavens opened and the rain soaked us all. Did we go home? NO WAY! We stuck it out- drenched and cold, we stayed to the end.
The girls absolutely loved it and both have asked us if they can barrel race. It looks like quite a workout and very fun- but Scott and I are both allergic to horses, so I would have to strip the girls down to their big girl panties and put their clothes in a garbage bag before getting them in the car. That might be too much of a hassle. Not to mention, the girls already have plenty of lessons. I don't think we can add horse riding.
It was very fun going to the rodeo with my dad. Ever where we went people were hollering out to "Coach" and saying how great it was to see him. I love getting to see people that have known my dad for so many years and have thought so highly of him. In his 30 years at Lehi, he influenced so many people's lives. He's really quite an amazing man.

By the way, I loved having a reason to wear my cowboy hat. If we start becoming rodeo regulars, I will have to get the girls each a hat.


Kat said...

that was a fun night. we still owe you btw. and i think i might just link to your blog from now on - you are so on top of things!

mel said...

Your dad is an amazing man; I too love "Coach"!

And, I love that you got to wear your cowboy hat--it is a great hat.