February 7, 2010

Birthday presents for the Birthday Girl

After Avatar, we went back to Kat and Jon's house (where the babysitter was) for cake, ice cream and presents. Blue icing means blue faces- who knew we'd end up looking more like Avatars than we wanted.

You can tell from the pictures that Jade was pretty tired and her blue lips didn't help.

She loved all of the present that she received. She got blendy pens, a cute sweatshirt, a bag to color, a doll, a dress, a book about drawing and the best present of all...

... a pogo stick. She's been asking for one for almost a year. Now we just need to get good weather so that she can play with it.

(Note her green finger- during the movie the kids all had dip-sticks and she made a mess of her finger once her little stick was gone.)

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