February 16, 2010

First Gymnastics Meet

Jade had her first gymnastics meet and she LOVED it. It was the same week as her dance concert so I was anxious to see which one she preferred most. (I'm hoping to lighten her load a bit next year by having her pick gymnastics or dance). When I asked her which she liked best- performing or competing- she answered "Both- the SAME!" Oh great- watch them conflict next year.

She is in Pre-team Level 3. In her inner squads, she has to score a 34 to move up to Level 4. (The Pre-team Level 4's have to score a 34 to get to travel). I'm glad Jade doesn't have the potential of traveling this year. She's really got enough on her plate.

I think we were all surprised at how well Jade did at her meet. She's been trying harder to focus on exactly what the coach is telling her. In fact, so much so that the coach has emailed us about it.

Look how straight her legs are! She still needs to work on pointing her toes with energy, but she'll get there.

On our way to the gym, I had her picture herself doing the routines perfectly in her mind. She really focused on doing them just right- in her mind. Afterward, she told me that it really did help. I hope she will make a habit of it every night before she goes to bed- to just think through and picture herself doing all of her numbers perfectly.

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Linda S said...

My daughters both did through Level 4 and loved it. Then because they didn't have the potential to move up yet they switched to cheerleading...a whole different world. It was so much fun..actually both were. And they have so many fond memories!