February 13, 2010

Boogie Babies

It was an "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" with the cutest little ruffles on the bum! Ivy absolutely LOVED performing. She wasn't nervous at all and she did a great job of smiling (when her tongue wasn't out).
We really need to work on her cartwheels tho but it is pretty hard to improve on the perfection she believes she already achieves.

Boogie Babies are ages 4-6. Ivy is the second youngest- so she has a couple more years in this group to master her cartwheels and run run run run run leap. (Yes, she runs for as long as she can before she does her leap).
That's the end of the dance posts. Pretty adorable little girls that make me smile everytime I think about them and their love for dance (and gymnastics).

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Kat said...

i LOVE the tongue. cutie patooties.