February 8, 2010

How is she 7 already?

I swear, it was just last year that Scott and I were going to go to a movie but I started having contractions. We still tried to get to the movie when they told me I wasn't far enough along to get admitted. They kept us there so long, we missed both the early and the late shows and just went home and watched "Law and Order". The next morning, I progressed far enough that they admitted us and we welcomed our little Jade.

It really couldn't possibly be seven years ago that we held this beautiful little angel in our arms for the first time.

So early on, she would look at you with those eyes and you knew that she cared about you and knew all about you.

It couldn't possibly be six years ago that our little one year old sang at the top of her lungs and danced to whatever music was turned on. She has always wanted to perform for anyone that is willing to sit down for a moment and watch her and cheer her on.

It couldn't possibly be 3 1/2 years ago that our little sun kissed princess brightened every one's day. She started gymnastics at All-American and has never stopped being upside down. She began swimming and diving and showing us that she has no fear.

Now she is seven. She still cares, performs and has no fear. But now, she is so much more. She's beautiful, smart, caring, funny, strong, loving, silly, stubborn, daring, and fun- just to name a few. We love her and we love watching her grow into a wonderful big girl.

Happy Birthday Jade.

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Kat said...

I'm being a little reflective today about Luke too. What sweet kids we are blessed to have. Happy happy birthday Jady Bug. We love you so much!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful little baby she was...and what a beautiful little girl she IS!