May 8, 2010

First trip to Tibble Fork

We thought it was a beautiful day, so we wore shorts. It was shorts weather in the valley. It was NOT shorts weather in the mountains.

We headed up for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

I love this picture of Scott holding puppy's leash, because he really is so sweet with him.

The family stroll was not much more than a quick walk up and down the road by the lake, because there was snow on the trail. Since there is a warning to stay off the trail when wet, we heeded the advice and just kicked it on the road.

Zero loved his outing, even though he had to have a bath as soon as we got home. The snow was deeper than his little legs so he had to work to romp behind Jade.

Ivy enjoyed throwing snowballs at me while Jade skipped rocks in the lake.

Sometimes, I really think missing church to spend some family time is okay. Just as long as we don't do it very often. ;)
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