May 27, 2010

Our Girls Weekend...

While Scott was at Lake Powell (Thursday through Saturday), we were looking forward to some fun girl time.
We’d been planning what to do all week.  I offered  taking them to a movie, baking cookies, going to the Tulip festival or playing in the yard.
Both girls voted for cookie making and I was happy to oblige.  I love cooking but I’m not a great baker.
The day after we decided what to do, both girls were being extremely selfish.  (They do that more often than I would like to admit).
I sat them down and talked to them about thinking about other people before thinking about themselves.  I want them to remember to take care of other’s needs first.
After we finished the discussion, (or lecture) the girls suggested that we make lots of cookies and take them around to all of the neighbors.
So our plan evolved from making some cookies to making a LOT of cookies.  Between our family members and our neighbors we decided we needed to make 5 different kind of cookies.

We made Marble Cookies, Rolo Cookies, Milk Chocolate Chip, Peanut Blossom and No Bake Cookies.  (Recipes and links will have to follow on another post because my google reader isn’t working and my recipes are at home on my desktop and I’m in Raleigh with my laptop).
The girls both worked really hard on all of the different flavors and were so excited to deliver them.
Jade and Ivy put tissue paper in the bags and then Jade put the cookies into each bag and I tied them up.  We used a picture of tulips that I took last year and printed them up at Costco.

The girls ran them around to all of the neighbors that were home and we took the rest on Mother’s Day.

It was a blast doing it and I’m ready to make more cookies and do it all over again.


jen said...

Love this idea. I'm stealing it and adding it to my summer to-do list. Okay?

Amy said...

Do for sure :) It was a lot of fun. I posted the recipes here...

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT mom! We are about to start our weekend without Ivan (he's going to VA to be with his mom) and who knows what we will do! But, you have inspired me. We might do something in the fun/service category. Or, they'll watch a lot of tv while I do a lot of cleaning. It's a toss up!