July 6, 2010

A night of babysitting...

I am so NOT the family's first choice for baby sitting.  In fact, I was never the neighborhood's first choice either.  But I love when I do get to watch my sister's kids.  After all, she has watched mine a LOT.

We got to have the boys over.  Kat was at girl's camp and Jon had to work.  We started out with playing out on the trampoline, then we had dinner and watched some of Alice in Wonderland.  The little kids loved it (by the way, it was the original not the Tim Burton).  Then we played on the trampoline some more and the little's continued watching the movie.  Zachary had a blast on the trampoline and it will be tough keeping him off it whenever he comes over to play.

Then we finished the night with a craft.  My mom was having a procedure done the next day, so the kids all made her "get well" cards.

We had a great night and can you even get over how adorable this little blonde is?  On the trampoline he is truly all smiles.

1 comment:

Kat said...

that is one of my favorite pictures of him ever.

and thanks again for helping us out - glad they behaved for you!