July 24, 2010

Yuba Lake Day 2

During the night, the wind really picked up. Enough that it made it difficult to sleep, but not enough to pick up any of our supplies.

The water was less than ideal so we tried to the tube for a while. Things were going along great, until we somehow dumped the tube. We had a huge scare while we couldn't find cute little David. Finally he popped up next to the tube, as he had been under it in the little air pocket. Scott jumped in as soon as we realized we couldn't see him. I'm so grateful that Scott is always quick on his feet. I know that if anything ever happens, Scott is not going to be the one that freezes. I hope I can be more like him if the need ever should arise.

After spending a little time on the boat, we headed back to our campsite. The wind continued to get stronger so we decided to get a hike in and call it a day. While the dad's were hiking, Heather and I stayed behind with the camping gear and those that did not want to hike. They were quick about the hike and didn't encounter any more rattlesnakes.

After the hike, the dad's made the first run with the boat back with supplies. Heather and I again stayed behind. It was a good thing we did because one of the tents got picked up in the wind. We scrambled quickly to gather it and get it put a way. We put the kids in the other tent with snacks and we continued to clean up the site.

We ended the day, hot and tired. But very relieved that everything turned out okay and we had a lot of fun. We're all looking forward to going camping and boating again. My preference is drive in camping. My limit? I think about nights.
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