July 22, 2010

Yuba Lake - Day 1

Our girls have been dying to go camping and Scott is always looking for a reason to go boating.  So we planned a boat-in camping trip with our friends Jason and Heather.  We reserved the site, put together our menus and made sure not to duplicate any supplies that were excessive.  We took off from work a little bit early and headed down to Yuba.

Boat-in camping is A LOT of work.  We had to load the boat and send the dads and a couple kids with the boat to unload it.  So you are carrying heavy bags and coolers from the floating dock right into the water and then piling it up on the side of the lake to wait for the rest of the group to arrive and carry it the rest of the way up the camp.

Finally we were all at the site.  The hike up to the camp site was not a long one but it was covered it brush and very itchy.  We piled everything on top of the tables while the guys anchored and mored the boat.

Scott came up to help figure out where to put the tents.  The very large rattlesnake hanging out by where the door of the tent would have been quietly encouraged him to set up camp on the beach instead.

The kids had a blast playing in the water and roasting marshmallows.  This was a first time for some (Scott) to have real life S'mores.  Next time we make S'mores we'll be sure to pack wet wipes.

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