September 28, 2008

Hogle Zoo!

This weekend, we were invited to go to the zoo with some close friends of ours. They have an adorable son, that both girls adore. Ivy adores him, cause she can call him a friend. Jade adores him because she can push him in his stroller and make him giggle.

I had hoped to get an awesome picture of the whole group by the Hogle Zoo sign, but apparently it is a great place to camp out, wait for friends, eat lunch, or whatever else they can do. So, I didn't want to "wheel" over to them all and ask them to move so we could take a group picture. I'm not assertive enough, I guess. So, I got this one and some other adorable ones with the three kids.

Jade is a very reflective child. I find that once she starts really thinking about something, she doesn't hear anything else around her. I keep reminding myself that that is really an awesome quality called focus. She's not being rude nor ignoring us, she's just focused.

I know I promised no more collages, but I didn't do this one in Picasa and I thought the white in between pictures made it a little easier to see. I have always loved taking pictures of giraffes at the zoo. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because they get up close and personal pretty easily. The top right one is the baby. I also like the zebras. Maybe it is their print that I'm so drawn to.

This is a face we get a lot with Jade. "Just one more, pleeeeeeze"

PS- Saturday at the zoo is a ZOO. There was a line to get tickets, a line to get in, a line to see the monkeys, sold out bird show and a lot of strollers. I always enjoy watching the kids enjoy the zoo. When it's so crowded, you forget about the fun of watching the kids, because you are focused on not losing them.
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