September 11, 2008

The Things I Love about Peach Days

I've been wanting to post about Peach Days for several days. But, I have so many pictures I haven't been sure where to start. So, I gave in to the collage of pictures again.

One of the things I love about Peach Days is the time we get to spend with both sets of grandparents. For the past three years we have gone up and enjoyed the parade, the car show and the carnival. This year, we didn't do the carnival but had just as much fun- maybe more- because we didn't have to wait in long lines.

In the above collage we have

Top Row: Grandpa Bob, then Grandma Janet, then Grandpa Lou with Ivy.
Middle Row: Grandma Lorelie and Ivy, Grandma Janet and Grandma Lorelie, and Grandpa Lou with his sister Judy.
Bottom Row: Jade, Aunt Judy and Uncle Brent with their pretty car, and a repeat of Grandpa Bob (because he wasn't feeling well and didn't do the rest of the car show with us).

Next we have a little Ivy collection. She spent most of the parade being close to her dad and touching his shoulder or hanging on his back. She was excited to find a new friend and grinned over at her every time they went down the slide.

Then onto a little bit of Jade. She seriously can find an adventure in everything she does. And I get to live in fear of her falling on almost every occasion. Can you believe how she chose to use the slide? Or how she opted for going down the two bars? Honestly, how we have not spent days and days in the ER with her is a mystery.

Here's a little collection that just says a little bit more about our family. I often had one of the girls sitting on my lap. Scott and my dad were loving the wheels which in turn meant Jade was loving the wheels. Lastly, I love the tongues on both of my cute family members in this last picture. AND I'm the one that always gets teased about thinking with her tongue out. Hmmm, apparently I'm not the only one she gets that trait from.

And lastly, one of my favorite things about Peach Days... Fresh Peach (and berry) Pie only found at the Car Show. Love Love Love this yummy scrumptious treat. Is it time for Peach Days again? Only 12 more months!

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