September 15, 2008

Sugar Cookie Saturday

Every once in a while, Scott gets up early and heads to the Sand Dunes for a full day of fun. We like to take advantage of those days and do activities that we know he doesn't care about. This past Saturday was one of those. We (Kat and I) opted on only the Autumn cookie cutters. There should be a time before Halloween to decorate again, but use only Halloween cookie cutters. The kids had a blast decorating and eating as many cookies as they could.

Here are the two littles. They ate as they decorated

The group

Here is a slide show of Sweet Sad Harrison. He was eating off the spoon or eating as he went, and I said something to the affect of "don't" (but it was said nicely, I promise) and he looked to Kat, she agreed and here is what happened....

Wrapping up, with quite a mess. You'll notice the three on the left are licking their fingers.

The finished product. They did a great job and it was a great Saturday.
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Lorelie Andrus said...

How could you make Harrison SO-O-O sad?!!?
It looked like a fun Saturday activity and a great cousin memory.

Kat said...

Thanks for the fun day...and for documenting the little drama king. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

YUM!!!!!! It makes me want to bake right now... too bad I don't have any cream cheese. And, I can't run over to the yellow house to borrow some. So sad..