September 28, 2008

Six Month Check-up and First time to the Dentist

Jade has always loved going to the dentist. When she was one she fell in the bathtub and hit her mouth. She broke her front tooth. We had a dentist in our ward that looked at her and tooth and said she was okay. Then when we were in Michigan, she again fell- in the bath. Maybe she needs to be a little more careful in the tub. This time we took her to an emergency dentist. She loved sitting in the chair. She was happy and willing to do everything the dentist asked of her.
Every 6 months we go through the routine. Jade does great every single time.
This time was Ivy's very first time going to the dentist. I was a little concerned that she would be a little freaked out. I had hoped they would they would wait for me to get there to start. But they started without me and she was great through the x-rays, the cleaning and the fluoride.

Once they were done and nearly cavity free, they had their pictures taken with the dental hygienists. Happy and ready to go again in 6 more months.

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