November 16, 2008

Disneyland - Day 2

I thought I would finally finish posting about California. There will be one more California post after this one.

For day two of our 3 day park hopper pass, we headed over to California Adventure Park. After I checked out my wheelchair and left my crutches with customer services, we headed over to the great big candy corn. There, we got to see our first Disney character of the trip. Goofy created us and allowed for a cute little family portrait.
Disneyland no longer has "Bear Country" but the California Adventure Park has the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. Jade had a blast on the swing and climbing through the course.
Jade also loved seeing the bears from "Brother Bear", but Ivy didn't.
Jade loved all of the characters and wanted her picture with each one- even if the character wasn't aware of the cute little Blondie girl posing in front of him.
Our first night in Anaheim, the girls saw some face painters. They kept asking until we let them. They both picked butterflies. Grandpa added 1$ to each of them so that they could have sparkles.
Ivy loved having her face painted, and she loved King Triton's Carousel.
We got to ride with our two little girls. Grandpa did a great job being the photographer for the afternoon.
The girls all had a great time getting pictures taken with the characters.

The day ended with a one very sleepy girl and another little girl with a grin from ear to ear.
It was a great day and "Thank you for visiting!"

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